Ni is a kind of typographic love letter, revealed in three distinct, yet close, type formulas. Ni Serif is a contemporary serif typeface with slight diagonal modulation, amazingly legible, and with a very steady rhythm that allows a wonderful performance, especially in long passages of text. Ni Sans closely match the design characteristics and proportions of the serif counterpart. Ni Sans undeniably shows the strong calligraphic influence that comes from Ni Serif, resulting in a very comfortable humanistic typeface, suited both for print and digital environments. Ni Slab is not a simple Sans with serifs attached. Despite the thick and strong serifs, Ni Slab is a gentle mixture of the DNA of the Serif and Sans counterpart and does not intend to reflect any mechanic approach.

Design: Dino dos Santos
Release date: 2018
OpenType Features:
Tabular Figures (tnum)
Small Caps (smcp)
Capitals to Small Caps (c2sc)
All Small Caps (c2sc, smcp)
Case Sensitive Forms (case)
Ordinals (ordn)
Lining Figures (lnum)
Oldstyle Figures (onum)
Tabular Figures (tnum)
Fractions (frac)
Scientific Inferiors (sinf)
Subscript (subs)
Superscript (sups)
Discretionary Ligatures (dlig)
Historical Ligatures (hlig)
Standard Ligatures (liga)
Swashes (swsh)
Stylistic Set 1 (ss01)