Inspired by Clearface, Vinco shouldn't be considered a revival of the typefaces designed by Morris Fuller Benton in the early 20th century. We decided to keep the fascination with the mixture of cursive and vertical elements in the design. We overpassed the warmth and shapely figure of the original characters by making it much tenser, with vertical-formed endings in the lowercase letters.

Design: Pedro Leal, Dino dos Santos
Release date: 2023
OpenType Features:
Tabular Figures (tnum)
Case Sensitive Forms (case)
Ordinals (ordn)
Lining Figures (lnum)
Oldstyle Figures (onum)
Tabular Figures (tnum)
Fractions (frac)
Scientific Inferiors (sinf)
Subscript (subs)
Superscript (sups)
Discretionary Ligatures (dlig)
Standard Ligatures (liga)
Stylistic Set 1 (ss01)